Interview with Kirby about the EPS Germany finals

28.08.2013 17:22 Hi André. You were able to defeat MTF.Gaming 16:0 on the first map de_mirage during the play-offs. Did you expect more resistance from MTF.Gaming?
André ‚Kirby‘ Kempa: Hello. Yes, for sure I did! I knew our CT-play is very strong on mirage but no one expected such a clear result.
Is it something special to step up to a former team mate like asmo?
It’s always somewhat special to compete with someone you used to play with during the last season. Especially in this case, because we played together and we even became the champions by the end of the season. This motivated me even more to defeat my new opponent.

»karrigan surely was able to help us«

This Interview has been translated! See the original Interview in German here.

The second map ended with a much closer result. Did you play more relaxed then or was something wrong with your tactics on de_nuke?
I think after we won by 16:0 we unconsciously stopped taking our enemies too seriously anymore. Of course, we said in the voice: „Don’t understimate the opponent, this is a new map“, but even if you tried to do the best you can, you’ll be lacking concentration during the first rounds compared to what it used to be on the first map. Additionally we lost the „knife-round” and we had to start as Terror. You can easily win many rounds as CT by positioning yourself well and shoot accurately. Everybody of MTF can do that and that’s the reason we only won five rounds by playing as the Terrorists.

You had to deal with some bigger changes during the season. Has karrigan been able to provide any help and do you think you’re able to play at 100% of your performance?
Finn surely was able to help us by stepping into the role of the announcer. During the tests, Niko used to be the announcer because it was always his dream to try this but it was obvious that Finn had more experience announcing and had much more routine doing it, this allowed Niko to focus to 100% on his gameplay again. Even though we are playing good matches now, we’re still able to improve. Due to tabseN’s current job-situation, we cannot train as much as we’d like to and it will take a little more time to reach 100% than it usually would.
Who is the top-favourite at the finals and who do you think will make it through the second quarterfinals?
I  think w4sp will win the second quarterfinals, even though I expect this to be a pretty exciting match. ALTERNATE will be the favourite and I personally only wished to face them as an opponent in the finals.
This will be the last EPS season using the old league-system. You already know the Cup-System from the EMS One. Was it a good decision or do you think it will hurt the ESL Pro Series?
I only can tell you that this system is more than sh*t in my opinion and it will hurt on a skill-based level… I won’t add anything now otherwise i’d have to use offensive language. 😀
You’ve been participating since the very first CS:GO EPS season. What changes have been made to the standards of gaming? Is there a tactical improvement?
The level used to be higher than it is right now. It might be a result of clans like /10/ or WildFire not participating in the EPS since they have to make their way up through the A-Series. So the EPS is lacking two teams, which are able to raise the level. The tactical gameplay on the german side hasn’t improved at all. I think it will always remain at a constant level.

Valve will host „The International“ in Dota2 which is known for being the e-sports-tournament with the highest prize money worldwide. What do you wish Valve would do for CS:GO? Do you think updating will be enough or do you think Valve should spend more money on this game, in order to make it more interesting to the players?
With  the newest update an Ingame-Skin-Shop was integrated and all the money spent on this, will be used on setting up „The International” for CS:GO – if you believed the rumors. This would be a big push for the game and it would bring it much further. This is a nice move from Valve and everybody hoped for something like that. I’d also like Valveto approach the Pro-Teams when it comes to Updates. I believe that most teams don’t want the Deagle to stay like it is now but this is only an example of what changes could be made. In the big picture, a lot of positive changes were made already and i never expected to play this game while it was in the Beta.  
Thank you for this interview, André. The last words are yours of course!
At the beginning i’d like to thank the Playing Ducks for their trust they put in me. Additionally i’d like to thank the sponsors TTeSports, 3DTouch, Kaspersky, LC-Power, Frag1 and Dicota for the support. Last but not least I’d also like to thank all the people who constantly support me – you’re the best! =) Hopefully we will get this support at the finals, because it’s my goal to defend the title!

Translation by Jogi

Michael Decker